Entry #1


2009-06-19 16:15:09 by gucken

Time to upload some more stuff!

.. tomorrow after work


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2009-06-24 23:02:19

I like what you have uploaded so far. Particularly 'love is in the air'.


2009-07-31 17:09:54

Your work, 'Love Is In The Air', inspired me to compose a song.

I submitted it to newgrounds, and also gave recognition to you and your work as inspiration.

If you would like to hear it, just go to my page, the song is named L.I.I.T.A (but for the time being it is a work in progress. I've not yet finished it).

But please, listen and give me your honest opinion on the song so far, I would appreciate it.


2009-08-24 00:29:23

Awesome dude, are you an animator as well?

gucken responds:

no, sadly not :(


2009-08-27 18:10:26

how do you render your planets is it 3d or is it photoshop
or do you use photo's


2009-08-28 13:55:33

Your artwork is amazing :)


2009-09-13 07:10:07

Good God! your on NG as well?! YAAAYY i was just on your site!


2009-12-27 19:46:33

Awesome drawings.
I can find myself in your images somehow.


2010-05-31 16:47:31

I just wanna say thank you for the amazing artworks you made. I just fell in love with every single detail of 'em. Wow. Keep it up, it amazes me every time anew...
Greetings from Germany.

gucken responds:

Vielen Dank! Und Grüße zurück! :)


2010-06-02 08:51:42


Hi man...I allready follow your work on DA.
Very nice to see you is here too.
Continue with the amazing work man.


2010-06-14 22:40:25

Looking forward to a new potential background for my computer :D


2010-07-12 11:02:50

Best artist on Newgrounds?


2010-08-19 17:22:47

Some of my tracks got inspired by your awesome arts! You'll hear it if it's something sci-fi-ish. Keep up the damn good work, sir!
Greetings from Germany!